Who will take over the crown in the post James era!

It’s really good. After so many years of luck, it’s good that these champions, ah, feel like they’re all rickety, but they’ve all won smoothly. It’s no coincidence that they’ve become books. If it’s so easy, it won’t be worth cherishing. Well, let’s talk about this, er, the issue of starting Anthony, and whether to mix up the problem. I just have a point of view. If you want to go to the Laker team, you will hiccup for two or three minutes every game to knock down the rubbish and start the game. It is definitely not to think about it. Here is the only one who sells jerseys. James gives a position, friendship, price, and position to sell jerseys. It’s almost like this. Ah, it’s pie. It’s useless. Anthony is also the same as muscara. If Antoni can help the Laker team in the playoffs, the Lakers will be the top one for these young players.

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All of them are waste materials. Ah, they can be traded directly in the summer, so there is no expectation for them, right? You can see that Anthony has been playing for so many years. Ah, he is old, his beard has turned white, right? And in the playoffs, what can you expect from him? Last year is an example, and today in the Rockets is another example.