When time can be added

Tucker is good enough. Where’s fario’s. Barely enough, 0.5, then there is still one, er, this green, in the playoffs, is barely strong, right, if green is going to go up and play hard for 20 minutes and 30 minutes, then the rocket team’s lineup is not qualified, of course, er, increase cabella’s. When time can be added, it’s just a matter of force. It can only be said that we can barely play other teams and reach the warriors. That’s resolute. Then I personally think, ah, it’s impossible for Wright to change to a good one with the risk of position 3 on September 3. No team will.


No, the team will let, ah, because of the lack of risk in the whole league, the whole league is hoarding the position of risk. As for the position of No. 3, the risk will not be released easily. You don’t have a good bargaining chip. I think we should get a decent broadcast of this Gordon contract. And pay Wright’s price, plus the first round of signing, it’s almost impossible to get it. Ah, it’s just to sell him out. Well, I think we’d better keep it. Anyway, the contract is not in a hurry. We can throw it out after he has typed it. So, no, I don’t want to pay this song.

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