Wharton crisis is not far from over!

Yesterday, after the game between the Lakers and the eagles, we did a program about the faltering position of head coach Wharton and the problem that the coach was not fed enough. Well, some netizens told me today, ah, some mainstream media and foreign media have revealed that Wharton is supported by the management of the team. Ah, Jennie bass, Linka and Magic Johnson said that we reported in time, but in fact it was not so, ah, um. In general operation, generally speaking, if a team loses continuously, unless it is intentional, otherwise, the coach will take all the responsibilities, at least the main responsibility, most of the responsibilities, especially in this kind of people who are widely concerned.


Looking forward to, have, temperament of the team is even more, so now the report is like this, hold on, the management team still support the attitude of Wharton head coach, and will continue to play until the end of this season, ah, you don’t want to see the conclusion, you need to see the content, the process. In fact, this report has alluded to Wharton’s danger. How many years will it take to finish Wharton’s contract this season? What do you mean? I don’t care how well I play this year. If you don’t play well, I’ll open you up tomorrow. I won’t renew my contract with you or compete with you.

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