The Lakers are in crisis

The game between the Lakers and the Blazers attracted a lot of attention. It was the first game played by the Los Angeles team after Kobe’s death. It was also very expensive to ask for tickets at home. I don’t know. What’s the ticket price? Anyway, it’s very expensive and justifiable. Well, at this time, there are many fans, many Kobe fans, who give him a ride at this time. I really didn’t expect that I didn’t think of one million. I didn’t expect Kobe to be so early. Other people are looking for trouble, leaving in such a hurry and, suddenly, ah, I still feel so unreal in retrospect. Comment on this game, ah, is what we said before that the Lakers said to you. No problem. Today’s 100 trillion, can’t pick up the Blazers opposite to 120 points.

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130 points 130 points, there is a difference of seven or eight points. Nine points like this, how bad the Lakers play? It’s not much. I don’t think it’s too bad. I have to play enough points. Right? Today, Lillard is playing super level. This is, how can you use your own defense strategy. It’s useless to oppose. He’s supernatural today. Lillard’s supernatural spirit is basically uncontrollable. I vaguely remember that there are ten pairs of warriors who won 73-10 in the 1516 season. This season is also the report of warriors playing trail blazer Lida, with 43 points missing. That’s right, the team met Lillard’s super level and cut 50 plus points. You’re basically expensive. There’s no room for bargaining, but I didn’t say that, but this team just ignored it after a turn. However, if the team wants to sign well, it is not good for the three-point goal. The ability of the strong team is not that the weak team is poor. It is in the middle of the group. What level is the midstream level? In the west, eight in the East and eight in the East, you are ranked 15th, which is the penultimate in the playoffs.