The five worst deals in NHL history

Every year in the window period, there will be a large number of player transactions between teams to improve their teams. In most cases, this kind of transaction is effective, more or less will produce some effects, all teams will get better and better with the arrival of new players or funds, which help each team to make up for their own shortcomings and overcome the immediate difficulties. And there is another very unusual situation, that is, after the trade, one side of the team is even worse, only one side gets the benefit, which is a very uneconomical trade.


There have been some bad deals in the history of NHL. Here are five of the worst.
In March 1988, Calgary fire completed one of the worst deals in NHL history. That year, Brett hull, 23, scored 50 points in the first 52 games of Calgary’s rookie season, but the flame decided to trade hull and Steve bozek in exchange for Rob ramich and Rick Williams.