The Celtic team played Dongjie

Dare to say that you want to know that you were only the ninth position in the Western Conference last season. Now, the second position in the western region has been played at a super level. So some netizens say that, then what do the Bucks say. Panda is also a phenomenal team. Of course, others played in the playoffs last year. This is the first point we met. The Celtic team played Dongjie and even scrapped the Cavaliers. What level is the Celtic team? Bucks played Celtic team to snatch the seventh position.


You can see what the bucks are capable of now, right? This is the new branch MVP. Ha, we have to congratulate you in advance. In fact, there are several episodes of the program. Last week, we said in advance to congratulate letters and Kun Bo on getting the new class MVP. There are still netizens discussing it. The media are talking about who is the new MVP, right? Well, I don’t have to go to see them. But I believe there are some levels of these editors, right? But they are just to gain some eyeballs. In order to please the fans, ha ha Deng fans may still be writing some articles of this kind. The article called wechat is very warm and low-level. It also advocates the issue of who is the new MVP player in NBA. It’s not very obvious. What’s controversial? What’s controversial? Right? You should put it in the library, put it in Hadden and weishao for a year, then discuss it and I think it’s helpful.

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