Summary of mlb20 day: sailor’s first 8 innings, complete match, winning by winning by winning by the giant and returning by 50%

On July 20, Beijing time, the major league of American professional baseball played 15 games. The results are as follows: Metropolitan 0-1 giant, priest 5-6 bear, Red Sox 2-11 oriole, Philadelphia 6-1 pirate, rocky 2-8 Yankee, cardinal 12-11 Redman, Royal 5-10 Indian, Bluebird 12-1 tiger, White Sox 9-2 light, national 3-4 warrior, Ranger 3-4 astronaut, sportsman 5-3 twin cities, brewer 7-10 Rattlesnake, Marlin 1-2 Dodge, angel 0-10 sailor.

Los Angeles Angel 0-10 Seattle sailor

In the first five innings, relying on Daniel wagerback’s single game double shot sailors, they got an early 8-0 lead. Mike Rick, the first pitcher, threw an amazing 24 up and 24 down complete game in the first eight innings. Unfortunately, the hit of Hunter rangiff in the ninth innings made everything fail, but Rick still threw a 98 ball one an to finish winning.

New York metropolitan 0-1 San Francisco giant

The two sides went through 16 innings yesterday. Today, they are all in a state of attack. The metropolis starts with trump card, de grom, 7 innings, 10 strikeouts and no points, while the giant’s starter, bidi, is 8 innings. The two sides are still unable to score in the 10th inning of the extended game. In the 10th inning, there are two first basemen Under the circumstances of the game, Dominic Smith, the left fielder of MetS, made a fatal mistake. At last, the giant was lucky to kill Mets at home, and the winning rate returned to 50%.

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