Serious injury!

Let’s take a break. Then I’ll update a program for you to share. Then, as the audience gets more and more, they feel more and more pressure. A lot of them whip us. Lin update quickly, but it is really busy. And our program is, um, a non-profit program and a hobby after work. So, er, the motivation is limited, and the ability is limited. It seems that from April last year to now, I’m starving. On the 15th of next month, the whole year will be over, so our income is very meager. We are not afraid to be laughed at. Less than 100 yuan is less than 100 yuan. Therefore, it is also the main issue.


Leave some sound clips and memories. Er, these later friends can provide some directions for watching basketball and this kind of hobbies. So, what I had to say two days ago about the injury of noel machine. But after the injury, we should do a program, but because we are too busy, we will talk about it together today, and the battle between harden and ER rocombo. So cowardly, continuing to be injured is also a serious injury. You can observe that there have been major injuries to players in recent years. It can be said that broken leg injuries are rare in the early years. Before that, Paul George had Hayward last year, and this year he came to nuogchi. All of them are serious broken leg injuries. It’s really rare

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