Russell’s indignation after being traded out

The management is young, Magic Johnson is in a mess, Wharton is young, the coaching level is worrying, and the players are young. They don’t know how to deal with difficulties. Er, this confrontation, how to deal with this difficulty, then encounter some psychological problems, ah, I don’t know how to adjust. It’s normal for players to trade, right? Um, this activity may be that they are part of the Lakers now, maybe in the future. If you don’t need to trade for the Lakers, it should be Russell’s indignation after being traded out, right? Well, if you change it a few times and trade a few times, you’ll get used to it. So, I think the biggest problem for the Lakers is that these words are young, right? Reflected from all levels. Let’s make this team young and inexperienced in all aspects. Then I think it’s impossible to play or receive. I told you two weeks ago that we can’t play. The most important thing is to know the shame and then be brave. That is to watch next season.


Well, how to operate and how to play is very important, right? So we said that this year is not the championship year. So if we give up the playoffs this year and make a good adjustment next year, we can play the western finals and have a chance to win the championship in the finals. In such an equivalent exchange, I think. It’s worth it. OK, so the Laker fans, James fans

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