Rearrange the shooting positions of seven stars

As a basic skill in the basketball world, shooting is also an indispensable course for all professional basketball players. Generally speaking, the standard shooting posture can improve a player’s shooting percentage, and it is also the most labor-saving. Today, Superman will rearrange the shooting positions of the seven NBA superstars to see which star’s shooting bag is your favorite?

Seventh: Kevin Durant


When it comes to Durant, he has to mention his well-known nickname, death. As a rare big player with soft hand in the history of the league, Durant’s projection ability is epic. And like his nickname, Durant’s shooting posture is like death waving his sickle, which looks murderous. In particular, the three points of G3 against Cleveland in the 2017 and 2018 finals are like death.

Sixth: Stephen curry

As the first shooter in active service, there is no doubt that Kuri’s projection is the existence of the opponent’s fear. However, Kuri’s shooting posture is not standard. In order to speed up the shooting speed and facilitate the shooting of three points in a long distance, Kuri adopts a variant shooting posture – one motion shot, which has a low shooting point, but in exchange for a faster shooting speed.