Raven attack Coach: the team’s running position is full of talents

The Baltimore Ravens picked runner J.K. Dobbins in the second round of this year’s draft to further strengthen the team’s dominant position.

Before that, the crow had already owned mark Ingram, Gus Edwards and justice hill in the running guard position. It seems that the crow running guards had not enough points in the ball right, let alone Lamar Jackson, the quarterback, who also often shot the ball.

Greg Roman, the Raven attack coordinator, is not worried about having too many charge weapons on hand.





“I love the worry of happiness,” Roman said on Tuesday. “I think I’ve understood for so many years that if you have happy troubles, let them be more. I said it without disguise. The more talented, hardworking and passionate players you have, the better. We have a lot of players in the running guard position that excites me. I don’t think you’ll have enough good running guards, of course we have a lot of players like that. I’m really excited to see J.K., I love the players already on the team, mark, Gus and justis. Of course we’ll find a way for them to coexist. It’s lucky to have such a running guard team

After reorganizing the attack team for Jackson last year, Roman plans to continue to make changes to the attack system this year to ensure that he can lead the opponent one step.

It’s worth noticing if Roman will reduce Jackson’s chances of hitting the ball this year, making him a better passer but not wasting his talent. After the crow further strengthened the running guard position, Roman was able to arrange any kind of attack tactics.