Park Youtian

When did it begin to develop slowly? I remember when I was a child, maybe eight years later, I was born on the 80’s of the 1980s. When the era of people came out, he was released one week a day when we were studying. Park Youtian, can you imagine? Six days a week, Saturday is the morning class, and at noon, I come home from school. I have some impression that I remember, but the time is not long. It will soon pass because when there is memory, you can’t remember it. Well, it’s memory. You can stay in this moment. There are many pictures. You can ask your parents when to start. We have a five-day workweek in China. Go and ask. I was born in Shanghai. I believe that there must be some policies in the first tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.


Ah, calm pilot pioneers. I believe you can ask. I remember correctly that in 9495, the first five working days of a week were originally six working days. Some of them were called “six days of the week”. The second week, five days off this week, two days a week, er, one day in the next week, two days off at home. So you say you go to watch the NBA, NBA, you can only watch one live broadcast. From one to six, you are at work. Your parents are on the Internet.

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