Panther attack Coach: taking over Samuel is crucial to the team’s success

Curtis Samuel (Curtis Samuel) has shown potential, but he has yet to usher in a breakthrough season.

Despite playing just nine games in the 2017 rookie season, the Carolina Panther takes on all the characteristics the team values – agility and skill. Although he has made progress in the following two seasons, he is afraid that he has not yet reached the value of the 40th ranking player. During this year’s off-season, Samuel has the fourth offensive coordinator of his career, who also values him as much as his former coach.




“Curtis will be critical to our success. I wish I had the chance to watch things like training, and I can’t wait to see Curtis play at his best. I think Curtis is a good attacker. He’s up to our standards for players who fit the attacking system. He’s a player you can use in every position on the court, “says Joe Brady. “Good things happen when you give the ball to him. I think you saw this last season, showing that he can be a catcher in the open and then a long way forward, and I’m excited that he continues to make progress. I know he wants to improve. ”

Last season, the Panther changed the starting quarterback after the second week’s game, and running guard Christian McCaffrey also played a stable role in passing and attacking, which somewhat reduced Samuel’s chance of winning, but he still tried to make good use of 15 starts.