NHL determines restart plan

The outbreak of the new crown has brought professional sports in the United States to a standstill. Many professional sports leagues, including NBA and NHL, have called off the season. Now, NHL has decided what to do after the start of the season, with 24 teams playing directly in the playoffs, which will be played in two cities.

NHL suspended the regular season on March 12 local time, and there were 189 regular season games left. At present, NHL has decided that the rest of the regular season will not be played any more, and the playoffs will be played directly after the restart of the season. Gary Bateman, President of NHL, said that there will be 24 teams in the playoffs this season, rather than 16 teams in the past.

“We are trying to get back to normal, which is very important for NHL fans.” Bateman said of the plan for the second round, “since March 12, we have been hopeful and optimistic, considering a variety of factors, I would like to say that we can’t wait to see the players return to the familiar ice field.”

Bateman also said that the league’s other goal is 2020-21 season can be a full 82 season.