Nfl20 western region strength list


Fourth Los Angeles RAM

Last season was a Super Bowl seed team, and next season may not even be able to enter the playoffs. This is also the charm of NFL. Unlike NBA and MLB strong teams, which are rooted in big cities all the year round, the hard salary cap of rugby makes every city look forward to its own Super Bowl.

A year or two ago, the rams were so hot that young manager Mike Wei spent the next few years in the 2018 season, only to lose the Patriots in the super bowl. But the Los Angeles team’s sequela is very obvious, does not have the high rank draft right, the salary cap rises to the top, has caused the ram strength not to advance but to retreat.

Ram has three super contracts, two of which are bad debts. Todd Gurley, the running guard, went to the Falcon with 17 million legs and a ram cut to stop his loss, but the top running guard was not added in the new season. Quarterback Goff’s performance last season was different from that of a year ago, squeezing ram’s offensive line with a huge salary. The latter fell from the top level two years ago to the worst in the division. Outsource brandin cooks went to Texans, and no outsource of the same level was added. Ram has added running guards and outsides in the draft, but it’s not clear how rookie players will play in the rookie season. The salary cap and defense line are the biggest problems of RAM at present.

Third place Arizona cardinal

2020 is very similar to last year’s brown, and Kyler Murray, the top quarterback in the second year, has compiled one of the three best takeovers in the league, deandre Hopkins, the untested new coach, like brown.

The arrival of de Andre Hopkins is the biggest brush of the year for the Cardinals. The old Larry Fitzgerald can only play No. 2 position. If Fitzgerald is a few years younger, the external double brake of the Cardinals will become the best in history. The average size of the running guards of the Cardinals is very high, and the average size data is definitely more reliable than the total number of yards. Kenyan Drake can run out in such a bad team as dolphins. Besides, this year’s cardinals who have improved their attack line will Drake run out of a thousand yards season? The near front is a chicken rib in the attack system of the cardinal. It is not very important to rush to the lower part at most.