National return to wild card, see you at home, beat Yankee

On July 7, major league baseball played 15 games. The results are as follows: Yankee 3-4 light, angel 0-4 astronaut, Red Sox 10-6 tiger, Philadelphia 5-6 metropolis, Ranger 4-7 twin cities, Marlin 5-4 warrior, brewer 2-12 pirate, rocky 2-4 rattlesnake, priest 3-1 Dodge, Royal 0-6 national, oriole 8-1 Bluebird, sportsman 3-6 sailor, cardinal 4-8 giant, Indian Man 7-2 red man, bear 6-3 white socks.

Kansas City Royal 0-6 Washington citizen

641 (7)

In the first inning, Juan Soto’s hit led the nation to take the lead, and in the second inning, Suzuki’s two-point gun extended the lead. After that, the nation ran back to the fourth point by Robles relying on the tactics of double base stealing. In the seventh inning, Lundon’s sacrifice hit and Soto’s hit point made shezer win the bag. Marcos shezer won the ninth of the season with 11 strikeouts in the seventh inning and successfully completed the first base stealing success of the season.

New York Yankee 3-4 Tampa Bay light

In the second set, Brett Gardner’s Yangchun cannon put Yankee in the lead, and in the second set, when someone was in the scoring circle, de Arnold’s hit leveled the score with ray of light. In the seventh inning, Aaron Hicks’s play gave Yankee a chance to win, but in the seventh inning, nett Lowe’s two-point shot put the light ahead again. Although Aaron Hicks equalised in the ninth inning, Travis de Arnold’s goodbye home run in the ninth inning allowed ray to finish at home.