Joe posnanski: 99th place in baseball

Musina is an excellent high school pitcher in montesville, Pennsylvania, just one town away from the venue of the little stick world series, William porter. Doug Melvin, the Milwaukee brewer’s special assistant at the moment, was a scout for the Baltimore Orioles, and he was attracted to him as soon as he saw him pitching. Melvin said the 18-year-old feels as mature as 28. Moss’s pitching is very avant-garde. It’s like solving a crossword puzzle. He has been thinking about how to break the balance of the hitters and make them unable to hit the ball easily. With his talent and way of pitching, no one was his opponent in high school.


His father, Malcolm, a lawyer, told scouts not to take his son’s advice: Mike is going to Stanford, a required course for a gentleman. However, Melvin’s high opinion of Musina’s scouts led the Orioles to choose him in the 11th round, and they prayed for Musina’s change of heart.

Moss went to Stanford, took three and a half years to get a degree in economics and finished college.

The Orioles did not forget him. This time they chose him in the first round. College didn’t have much impact on his career trajectory: he only made 28 starts in the minor league and then rose to the major league. His first major league start was in Chicago, where he made 7.2 innings, only four hits, and lost one point

Then he swallowed the losing shot.

The debut more or less heralded the fate of Mussina’s career: brilliant results, a bit unlucky, and a low-key personality.