Jenkins: the opponent is doing well, but we are not in good condition. We are struggling on the offensive side

January 21 – the Grizzlies lost 116-126 to the pelicans at home. After the game, grizzlies coach Jenkins was interviewed by the media.

Speaking of today’s game, Jenkins said: “the opponent’s performance is very good today, and Holliday’s recovery from injury today has laid the foundation for their game. They played very well and today doesn’t look like our day. But our players didn’t give up. At one point in the final stage, they were only five points short. Today’s game is really hard for the fans to enjoy. The opponents are doing well, and we are not doing well. So we need to summarize, adjust and prepare for the next game

When it comes to young teams, Jenkins said: “as a young team, lack of experience, sometimes there will be such a night. Just like a game we played against Spurs before, opponents kept throwing in and taking away. Fortunately, such nights are not frequent. Of course, pelicans played very well today. They made a lot of shots. Some, in fact, our defense has been in place, but the other side’s difficult shots hit, there are also some really our own defense is not strong, give the opponent a relaxed opportunity. On the offensive side, we didn’t play well today and didn’t play our own style. Today we are a bit lost in our performance, not playing what we used to do. Therefore, we will not be excessively distressed by this defeat. We need to go back to the video, analyze the problems and summarize the improvements. “Miami Heat logo letter and number