In oil painting creation, how to better reflect its decorative effect?

Oil painting has two aspects: the practicality of recording real life and the artistry of rich connotation. However, with the rapid development of photography, it has largely replaced the practical function of oil painting. Nevertheless, the unique advantages of oil painting in decoration are hard to be ignored or replaced.

The content of a work of art needs to be expressed in a unique artistic form to gain full artistic appeal. This art form includes what we call decoration.

Therefore, like decorative painting, oil painting can also have decorative characteristics, the difference is the degree of decoration. In addition, there are many differences in the expression and way of decoration. So, how does the decoration in oil painting show?

As we all know, the creation of decorative painting is mostly targeted, and will be limited by certain adaptation purposes and requirements in the creation process. Generally speaking, the creation of decorative painting does not have the flexibility of other painting forms, which is very different from the oil painting with rich creative thinking and creative techniques. Undeniably, it is precisely because of this limitation that the creativity and diversity of painting art are stimulated, including the decorative effect of oil paintings.