How much do you know about how to make billboards

Billboards generally refer to all outdoor media that transmit advertising information. Common billboards include shop signs, outdoor billboards, and billboards in public places. There are many types of billboards for different installation environment, different purposes and different sizes. How can we choose the right kind of billboard? Now let’s see how to make billboards.

1、 Spray painting is a basic, more traditional way of making billboards. It has irreplaceable characteristics and advantages of other means of expression. It has a complete form, can be made into billboards and wide. Compared with other hand painting techniques, its performance is more delicate and real. Compared with the photo, the advantage of spray painting is that it outputs a large picture. Its disadvantage is that the situation is relatively single.


2、 Photo – is one of the most common ways to make billboards. The advantages of photo are high pixels, many kinds, clear images, no distortion and color loss after zooming in. It can be used repeatedly, and it also saves costs for customers. It can be used in many forms, such as posters, photo stickers, X exhibition stands, etc.

3、 Color steel gusset plate is a new type of floor material for outdoor billboards, which is composed of galvanized color coated plate and corresponding keel. The color steel gusset plate has the advantages of rich color, long-lasting color, high saturation, not easy to fade, high cost performance, strong firmness, and is suitable for the installation of acrylic, blister, stainless steel, titanium steel and other font models. In addition, the color steel gusset plate has good overall effect, low cost and simple installation, which is commonly used in indoor ceiling decoration, outdoor billboards, door billboards, etc., and is loved by customers.