Durant fans were not Durant’s Jersey

Take these. Once the great God moved out to mention it. If we really want to push forward for more than ten years and 20 years, some players have forgotten their names, and they can’t call their names. Moreover, no one knows what they say. It’s like this temple for family.

Ah, it’s the same. We are familiar with this one, one of the top four, one of the top five, one of the top five. We were also a small forward when Garnett went to play small forward, right? And then we played power forward later. What’s the concept of his position? What do you think of it. I’m sorry about the position. I’m sorry to answer the phone. Um, er, and then I said Garnett. If I don’t introduce you, you don’t know if Garnett still plays the small forward position when he enters the league, right? He still plays the position of small forward for a long time, right. Close, during the show, he played point guard. Durant fans were not Durant’s Jersey. He didn’t know about it. But the more he played, the more he hit him, he found that the position of small forward was more suitable for him, right? Just like in the online shop, the same was true with Iverson. Coach brown, change to shooting guard. After that, he changed to a shooting guard to see the ability of the player. When his ability reached what stage the coach needed him to do, he should play in what position, right? It was very much like Anthony Davis was playing big power when he came in, right? If he joined the Lakers, he might play center position and play No. 5 position.

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