Durant and has better ability

Kausings is not afraid to be happy. The sky falls down and there is a tall man. Anyway, Durant is against me. I’m not afraid to be black and black first. Durant is the only one who can follow suit. So what about Corzine? You say he’s stupid. He’s not stupid. He’s not stupid. Anyway, there’s Durant.


Hold it for me, right? If the sky falls down, there is a tall one against Durant. You can hold it. Then I have to come down. Who is Durant? Who can hold Durant? Unless there is one person who is higher than Durant and has better ability than Durant, right? Take this plate and hold it, right. Including the factory, is it right? I’m holding Durant down. Do you think it’s possible? It’s impossible. It’s impossible. Where do free agents want to go? It’s written on the forehead. I’m a free agent. Where do I want to go? That’s bullshit. Just like I said before, do you still need to throw the final goal after you have won it? Do you still need to break the rule? Do you still need to break the rule? No, it should not. This is called the rule of the game, but. If you want to break the rules of the game, you have to pay a lot of responsibility and cost.

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