Conley’s contract and Gasol’s

If you believe this kind of report, you are stupid. Now, the report is flying all over the sky. It’s a mess. You have to have the ability to identify. You have to see clearly. Right, if the Raptors make this kind of structure, it is impossible and absolutely unrealistic. Change, two main players, ah, you now hit the east of the second two starting main force to change, how possible ah, you mean everybody and Kangli can play for several years, ah, everyone and his wife can still save, there is no large amount of hair is unrealistic, ah, and the night contract and Lori contract are small contracts. Conley’s contract and Gasol’s contract are both large. It’s unrealistic. Don’t change it. Don’t imagine it’s impossible. Unless raptors, self mutilation, right? We’ve said something else. OK, let’s talk about Conley’s problem. Where does Kanglixin say he doesn’t want to play in the Jazz team, rather than in the Jazz team.


I think, jazz team, for Rubio, it’s a dangerous move. It’s very valuable. Conley has no defensive players. Ah, he advocates attack. Such a short player, ah, when we play in the playoffs, we say that they are going to be forced. Generally, they don’t think highly of players who are too short. One or two is almost enough. You don’t expect ten or eight to come out. One or two is almost enough

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