Change the alliance pattern!

We talked about this kind of evaluation of the warriors. We are corrupt. Don’t talk about it. Answer some netizens’ questions, ah, netizens’ messages. We all look at them. But there are some things that can be passed in one sentence and two sentences. We won’t say much. Compared with not in the program, ah, double show. When there are many problems, we are together and say that we can combine. So, let’s talk about the contract between Thomson and Durant. Some netizens have also raised the question, ah, is it Liu Thomson or Durant and Durant. What’s more, it’s Thomson’s system and Curie’s system. Curry plays badminton or has no ball, why Cole let Currie play with the ball, why did the guest play let Kuri’s power be infinite? I’ll explain this question. If I can choose, I believe Durant’s will be realized at any time.


There is no dispute about this point, because if you give up Durant and call back curry, Thompson and green are not competitive in the league. Ah, I can be very responsible and say that the times have only one opportunity, and everyone will understand it. Under the circumstances, you have no obvious advantage when you play the death lineup and play the dead five

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