Can’t print digital print on cotton? Stop kidding

Two days ago, my colleague told me that when he called the customer, the customer said, “all cotton can also print digital printing“. That makes her a good explanation. Colleagues said she didn’t expect anyone to think that digital printing can’t be carried out on cotton.

The traditional reasons are as follows:

1. Pure cotton fiber has strong alkali resistance and can not be combined with traditional dispersive ink.

2. In terms of printing process, we usually print the pattern on paper and then transfer it to cloth for digital printing. But this does not meet the requirements of pure cotton printing process.

Small knitting here to tell you that now the digital printing process has been very mature, can meet the needs of a variety of fabric printing. Cotton digital printing has developed.


How to do digital printing with pure cotton?

Three differences

The difference between pure cotton digital printing and chemical fiber digital printing

Digital printing technology is divided into two categories

Pure cotton digital printing technology

Chemical fiber digital printing technology

‚óŹ differences in printing and dyeing technology

Different ink used

Different production processes

The printing ink used in digital printing and dyeing of cotton fabric is divided into reactive dye ink and acid dye ink

The printing ink used in digital printing and dyeing of chemical fiber fabric is sublimation disperse dye ink