76ers surprise the League!

The 76ers started earlier. Against the heat, we watched the half court game. Ah, it was wonderful. You can see that the 76ers team is a brand new team, just like Jimmy. Adler said, ah, are you ready or not? You have to be more careful, warning, League wide, ah, I think these words are not groundless, ah, I think the confidence ah is still relatively enough. This team, we emphasize that, um, now, Peter didn’t play Boban today, the processing director started seven shots and six hits, ha ha ha. More than 20 hits, this player, ah you, how do you know her? If you want to get to the position, you must give to the team, you must be selfless team, you must be selfless Bo ban, on the field situation, selfless. Of course, I think the 76ers team is also a very selfless team.

We still don’t pay attention to who has more right to shoot and whose key is Simmons. Simmons is a good player. Simmons is a player who can’t fight and grab, right? Ah, but if you have to say in NBA, I’m not satisfied. Coach, ah, experience, when battel, I’m not satisfied with the coach. That’s what we ask. To issue authorization, the code should have more tactics. This, ah, distribution, right? But Simmons, you can only do 1 point, right? It doesn’t matter. I’ll play a little less. There are only ten shots per game. In less than time, ten shots. Ah, only long Army. Only ten shots. You can imagine

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