49 years ago, it became an eternal classic, and then we met again. Who holds the bull’s ear in brown bear blues

In 1970, the blues made it to the finals last time, facing the brown bears. 49 years later, the two teams stood at the same height again.

It may be hard to have a similar moment in history. At that time, with the help of the management, the blues team attracted a number of veterans with a lot of surplus value, including the famous goalkeeper Glenn hall, Jacques Prant, striker Dickie Moore, Defender Doug Harvey, making it difficult for them to find a rival in the west, which is composed of all the expansion teams.

However, on that day, the brown bear team was standing in front of them. The previous season, they set a number of records. Forward Phil Esposito became the first player in the history of the League to score more than 100 points in the regular season (126 points), breaking the league’s regular season scoring and scoring records. Talented guard Bobby orr set the guard scoring and scoring records. The three strikers in the first group of the team scored 263 horrible points, and the team’s total number of goals in the season reached 303. And after being knocked out by Canadians in the previous season, the brown bear team in 1970 was more calm and calm. This year was also the best year for orr. He scored 120 points in 76 regular season games, becoming the first player in the league who won the scoring king in regular season as a defender.

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It is no exaggeration to say that the team in front of the blues is not a team, but an aircraft carrier. Perhaps the first episode of the finals is more popular than the game itself. In the first game of the second quarter, 3:57, the brown bears’ Steinfeld shot hit the blues goalkeeper reformer, 41 year old Prandtl’s mask and split it. Thanks to the invention of the first goalkeeper in the history of the League to use masks regularly, Prant didn’t die on the spot in the game, but he couldn’t finish the series.