21+7! Another potential new star came out

In addition to the three objective reasons of time, geography, people and personal talent and effort, they are the “four elements” of success. Focusing the above four points on all the new stars this season, Zion Williams is indisputably lucky, which also indicates that he will become a potential star and emerge from the world!

1、 Days and hours. Under the general trend of basketball outside line, the image of pursuing inside line attack is disappearing. Now the inside line is either shooting three points or becoming a blue collar. When Xi Anta stepped on the court, he can contribute 21 points and 7.7 rebounds outside the court. The violent dunking that makes the basket tremble makes the fans vaguely see the shadow of the iron blood center in the 90s. This retro aesthetic feeling is bound to make the fans ecstatic, and Xi an occupies the elements of heaven and time.


2、 Geographical advantage. Both fevos and okafu, including reserve star Hayes, did not support the team’s internal line in the first half of Xi’an’s absence. After Xi’an returned, the above data was based on 57.6% and 67% of the hit rate in the paint area. The team’s weakest link was reinforced. Remember Kim Terry’s words, “Zion won’t catch the ball in four minutes in the fourth quarter. It won’t happen again!” It shows how much he expects from Zion.

3、 People and. Ingram is playing the role of an All-Star. Holliday used to be an All-Star. Bauer is on the road of self certification. Well, all three of them need data to consolidate their position. The fans are very pleased that from Ingram to Bauer, all three of them have made a large number of “balls” for him after his return to Zion, and Zion also leads the victory to give back to his teammates with an efficient end. Well, this kind of excellence Learning to respond is too valuable, that is, people and.